Dry Cleaning Specialists in St. Louis MO

Need dry cleaning or shirt service? Stain corrections, repairs or alterations? Visit Preiss-Claywood Cleaners, Inc. of Ballwin!


You have finally arrived at a site where your garment and textile care problems can be solved. Preiss-Claywood Cleaners is located in the heart of Ballwin, MO where we have been in business for over 60 years providing high quality, on time service to the residents of West St. Louis County. We also have a second location in Town & Country, MO.

I am second generation fabric care specialist. Our business is family owned and operated, providing our customers with the best in quality, fabrication, cleaning, pressing and finishing as well as repairs, alterations, modifications, spot and stain corrections. Our experienced dry cleaners able to assist you with the answers to your garment cleaning issues as well as providing the services to do so.

The days of foul smelling dry cleaners have long been eliminated, “at least at our stores.” You will find our facility to have a neutral odor, as do the clothes we service. Your clothes should have NO residual odors as a result of cleaning. We are very much aware of sensitivity to cleaning product odors and added perfumes used to mask poor cleaning. We use the most current technology available to clean and maintain our customer's clothes.

At Preiss-Claywood Cleaners, our facilities are air conditioned and carpeted, providing excellent work environment for our employees (family) as well as a stable humidity controlled environment for your clothes. That means no “steam tunnel” and it’s done. Each garment is individually, pressed, reshaped, checked for missing buttons, loose hems, broken seams, spots and stains are corrected.

We will spend the time it takes to explain the cleaning process to you. We know there are less expensive cleaners – there will always be someone out there who will provide a cheaper service. If cost is the sole motivating factor for a service, then there is no one to blame for poor quality but yourself. Don’t make this mistake – take my challenge.
Bring in a garment with a spot or stain your present cleaner cannot correct. Let me show you the difference, knowledge, ability and experience can make. Preiss-Claywood Cleaners is really more than just Dry Cleaning.

Preiss-Claywood Cleaners | Ballwin MO Dry Cleaners from Ypc Media on Vimeo.

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